Why this site is essential for my Exam preparation ?

Questions exposure is essential before any competitive exam. We provide quality stuff to make sure you gain the maximum in minimum time. hence this will be the best choice for your reparation.

I subscribed one package,I want to subscribe another package,is there a time gap i need to take before subscribing the second one?

You are free to subscribe any number of package you wish.There is no need of time gap between subscription

Is there any problem if i login on multiple devices at a time?

Yes,if you login from 2 systems at a time you will be blocked.If its happened for 3 times or more then your package will be permanently deactivated.

Accidentally i logged in from 2 systems at a time and I got blocked,how can I get unblocked?

You can send a request to admin to unblock.Your account will be reactivated with a warning notice in 7 to 10 working days.If this happened 3 times or more then your subscription will be deleted permanently,which you cannot retrieve.

Is logging out after each session is essential?

It will help you to avoid getting blocked